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Promotes healthy prostate function* - Reduces frequent urinary urges* - Improves bladder emptying* - Fewer bathroom trips – day and night!*
  • Promotes healthy prostate function*
  • Reduces frequent urinary urges*
  • Improves bladder emptying*
  • Fewer bathroom trips – day and night!*

Super Beta Prostate

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Effective Prostate Support

After 50, it is critical that all men think about their prostate and urinary health. Failing to do so may result in more frequent urges to urinate, waking at night to go, trouble emptying the bladder, or a lower quality of life.

For over two decades, Super Beta Prostate has been the top brand in America to help support prostate health. Made with naturally sourced ingredients, it may help reduce urinary urges, improve bladder emptying and decrease nighttime bathroom trips.*

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Every product we sell is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You may use any New Vitality product for a full 30 days and if you are not satisfied for any reason, return the bottle and you'll receive a complete refund of your purchase price, less shipping and handling.

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Living a life filled with frequent bathroom breaks can be embarrassing and stressful.
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The prostate is a small gland, but it should not be ignored. Men over 50 are encouraged to get regular checkups and take steps toward supporting healthy prostate function. Super Beta Prostate has 10 great ingredients in one caplet – to make supporting your prostate easy.


Maintaining normal prostate function may help reduce nighttime bathroom trips and you’ll wake up feeling more rested.

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With over 10 million bottles sold, Super Beta Prostate has become the secret weapon against aging for men everywhere.*

“Before Super Beta Prostate, I couldn’t sleep through the night. I heard a commercial on the radio for Super Beta Prostate and decided to order my free bottle. Now I am sleeping through the night. I am really happy!” - Ron

“It’s kind of embarrassing, if you’re riding in a car with some people, all of a sudden, you’ve got to go to the bathroom. Like going to the ballgame or something, and to keep making these trips to the bathroom. Try it, you know. You will be amazed with the results from it.” - William

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The Ultimate Prostate Supplement Every Man Needs!

May Help:

  • Better urinary control*
  • Improve bladder emptying*
  • Stronger urine flow*
  • Fewer bathroom trips – day and night!*

Why It Works

The Super Beta Prostate formula contains a scientific breakthrough called Beta-Sitosterol. Multiple clinical studies have found this naturally occurring plant extract helps to support the health of an ageing prostate.

Super Beta Prostate combines Beta-Sitosterol with other essential minerals including vitamin D, zinc, calcium and selenium to promote a healthier quality of life for men over 40.*

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Super Beta Prostate®

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  • Fewer trips to the bathroom*
  • Less waking up during the night*
  • Supports healthy prostate function*

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